SMIDDA Manufacture

We, operate in the manufacture of machined auto parts, with the option of including Cold Forging technology.

We are, CERTIFIED ISO 9001:2015 /IATF 16949:2016

Among our customers, we serve Automotive (OEM) Systems for Four and Two Wheels.

Including  Road Implements.

We have production of Components for the Transmission and Suspension Systems. In particular the components for assembly of Shock Absorbers.

We work with the transformation of bars, tubes, billets and bricks in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

In our operations we have: CNC lathes; Automatic lathes; Cold forming presses; Shear; Rectify; Broaching; among other specific operations for each of our processes.

Through technology tools we are in constant modernization of our Management and Quality System. We count with several resources of monitoring and monitoring of the production. Making our Operations more effective and dynamic. Offering our customers greater guarantee and solidity.


  • We started our activities on February 10, 2015
  • We have been certifying since September / 2015 ISO 9001: 2008 / TS 16949: 2009
  • We are located on the coast of Santa Catarina, known as Costa Esmeralda, the banks of BR101, Rua 458, Jardim Praia Mar number 297, city of Itapema / SC.
  • Close to the two main ports of SC, Navegantes and Itajaí. Besides being close to the main industrial poles of the State.
  • About 50km from the International Airport of Navegantes – Minister Victor Konder and 70km from the International Airport of Florianópolis / Hercílio Luz


We work in the manufacture and supply of machined auto parts, with option to include Cold Forging technology. Focused on Maintaining Efficient and Automated Management System, promoting Guarantee and Security in our Operations and Results.


To be technological reference in the union of the machining and cold forging. Reference in Management and organization, conveying confidence to our Clients, Suppliers, Employees, Society and Investors.


  • Our conduct should reflect ethical and moral standards;
  • Our communication must be clear and precise;
  • Our relationship with customers, suppliers and employees must be transparent, based on responsibility and trust between the parties;
  • Our Management processes must follow the best market practices